Property title search and liens for real estate.
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Platinum Full Property Title Search $175.00

Any state - 12-72 hours - Includes:

In-Person Records Search:
The official property title records are searched, retrieving current ownership and liens. We cover every county, every day.

Liens & Judgements:
List of recorded liens, tax certificates, and claims against the property.

Current owner:
ID of the actual owner of the subject property, and ownership structure, (joint, individual, trust..)

Purchase price / date
Reveals what the current owners paid, seller information, and deed document details.

Mortgage amount:
Mortgage details for open loans against the property, with lender name, amounts, and dates.

Copy of current deed
Showing conveyance, with abstract of all current liens, mortgages, and recorded documents.

Legal and Vesting:
Fully typed property legal description, with official county stamp of recording.


Expanded Full Property Title Search $225.00

Includes Platinum Search, plus

Property history:
One prior owner information and transfer record / deed type (warranty, quit-claim, corporate)

Copy of all documents:
Mortgage documents, lien copies, and easements for current owner.

Comparable sales:
List of any nearby similar properties recently sold, showing sales price, date, and square footage.

Fully abstracted property title search document, for attorneys, title companies, and investors. - Sent within 12 / 72 hours

Deed Retrieval $75.00

• Copy of the latest vesting deed filed on the property with county recording stamps.

• Identifies the current owner of the subject property and ownership structure, (joint, individual, trust),

Includes a full legal description of the property.

Ownership Search $150.00

Any state - 12 hours - Includes:

Current owner:
Identifies the current owner of the subject property

Purchase price / date:
Reveals what the current owners paid, seller information, and deed document details.

Property Details:
Abbreviated legal description, APN#, and parcel information.

Sent within 12 hours

Rush orders welcome

Property Address:
$75.00 Deed Retrieval  

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$150.00 Ownership Search
$175.00 Full Property Title Search  
$225.00 Full Title Search Expanded  
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What is a TitleSearch?

AFX Title has been providing official title abstracts to real estate professionals since 1995. Banks, attorneys, investors, and the US Government are clients of AFX. We provide official title documents for legal professionals, and also provide the same official documents to individuals and investors.

What does a title search include?

You will receive a title search abstract, which is the official document of a title search. This document shows the liens and mortgages found to be recorded according to the title search. When searching for property information it is important to be sure that you receive a title search abstract, not just a property deed. The deed by itself will not contain liens or mortgages.

All of our full title searches include:

  • Mortgages
  • Property liens
  • Tax liens
  • Contractor liens
  • Tax certificates
  • Legal and vesting document
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