Property title search and liens for real estate.
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GUARANTEE exclusive guarantee:
If your search is found to have any substantial errors, due to our search process, we will refund the price charged for the search. Simply inform us of the suspected error, and we will confirm that the disrepancy exists, and refund your payment.

Terms of the limited guarantee are as follows:

  • We must receive the notice of suspected error in writing by postal mail within 21 days of the original order.
  • Applies to full searches, (electronic searches not included)
  • Refund not to exceed $160, or cost of search, whichever is lower.
  • Error must be verified to exist in county records. (Provide copies if possible)
  • Error must be a substantial records discrepancy (missing lien, deed, or mortgage)
  • The claimed record must be correctly recorded and indexed directly against the current owner of the property.
  • Property records indexed incorrectly by the county/city are not included, (mis-spelled name, date prior to deed, etc.)
  • The record must have a property legal description on the document, matching the deed.
  • Records attached by statute or indirect records not included. Record must exist in the county property records, other records offices not searched.
  • Does not pertain to typographical errors, tax status, or minor issues such as plat maps, comparable sales, document numbers, zoning, etc.
  • Refund reviews may include contacting property owner or occupants.
  • Residential properties only.

This guarantee offer is in lieu of all other remedies and adjustments. Decision of AFX/ is final. Offer void where prohibited, and does not constitute a title insurance policy, title commitment, legal advice or title opinion. All other website terms and conditions apply. May be withdrawn at any time.

What if I have more detailed questions about my specific situation?
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